Hey this is pretty crazy when you think about how most people think SUCCESS is in Network Marketing.

They've been brainwashed by SPONSOR MONSTER enrollers who flash 30, 40, 70 new members in a week....you know what I mean?

Seriously.. Do you know what happens to these folks after they fork over their hard earned dollars to the guru??

Not much. They work their butts off but not much happens, then they are told they are not committed enough or not working the plan.

Why? Because the guru is to busy replacing the 30-40 fold who just dropped out of the program through lack of support.

You can forget about getting a phone call from them because as my brotha Franco said:

"They're probably out on the golf course spending your enrollment money." 

On our WakeUpEmpowered Team we have a different philosophy...

-We show and teach you how to sponsor...

-We show you how to build STABILITY...

-We show you how to build a real business...

AND no one gets left behind....

If you're working your business...

So are we.

People need to know that there is a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in how Wake Up Now operates and that we help the Team Build the Team.

Different business models require different actions... which produce different results.

Want to keep playing GOO-ROO? Then you will be on a perpetual hamster wheel because your people won't stay... because they're not making money.

Our WakeUpEmpowered Team with John Chapman, Franco Gonzalez, Kimberly Olsen, George Brier and Dawn Marrs Ortiz have our back. When they say "NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND" that's exactly what they mean. This is totally a different concept from most other online business platforms. 

This group is NOT playing around. We are a serious bunch of people helping other people. 

We have Hangout Pages

Information Pages with video

And so so much more that you just plug in your info because it's coded to you and we make it happen together!!!


Donna G Harris/WakeUpNow

937-524-0502 EST




In order to be the best sponsor and leader I can be I decided to get myself a business coach.  Just a few tweaks has made me more confident in myself and proved to me that God is pouring blessing after blessing upon my life...

I promise that the Donna Harris/The Crazy Caregiver who got herself a business coach is not the same Donna as she was before. I feel like I did when I attended my very first, and their very first Empower Network event in Atlanta.  I think I am becoming an even Crazier Caregiver, if that’s possible!  

Get ready for This Crazy Caregiver to introduce to you the new spirit that has risen up in Donna and my new business approach.

Look forward to becoming God’s kind of sponsor...

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for YOU,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper YOU and not to harm YOU, plans to give YOU hope and a future.”

Coming to a post near you! 

I wish you well ~



Donna G Harris - Success Coach/Mentor

President/CEO – Donna Rebalancing Lives

Michelangelo UOIS Team

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Skype – donna.harris48

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P.S. Hey, I’m The Crazy Caregiver that will help YOU develop a solid marketing plan…lol 




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Welcome to my blog!


 As you can see my family is my world,

 my WHY, and after God they are my everything. 










University of Internet Science was founded by Michelangelo Lopez back in 2007.  It has grown to over 50,000 members and is fast becoming one of the most popular Internet Marketing training platforms on the world wide web.

This is where Michelangelo trains not only his Empower Network team but any one who wants to learn the most profitable skill online and that is Collecting Emails and List Building.

After registering for free you instantly get FULL access to two powerful Internet Marketing courses:



We promise you UOIS will be your final stop for cutting the 'Learning Curve' in half and learning exactly what you need to KNOW in order to SUCCEED from home.

UOIS focuses on teaching its students one thing:  HOW TO BEST COLLECT EMAILS.

We're sure you've heard it before: 'The Money is in the List' and UOIS is committed to making that 'ring' true for you.



I wish you well ~

Donna G Harris - Success Coach/Mentor                                                        

President/CEO – Donna Rebalancing Lives                                                   

Michelangelo Lopez & UOIS Team Leader


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Office. 1-937-524-0502                                                                               

Skype – donna.harris48

***Donna’s Free List Building Course***

Donna’s Marketing Tips

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P.S. Hey, I’m The Crazy Caregiver that will help YOU develop a solid marketing plan…lol 


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